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River Habitat Culture

River Habitat follows the traditional Real Estate Brokerage Model found throughout the world. Self Employed Individuals build their own businesses with the support of a strong Technological and Operating Platform.

The Culture is ‘Results Driven’ and therefore serious. Property Consultants using the River Habitat system are by definition ambitious, well educated and self-motivated with strong organisational and communicative skills. Integrity and Client Service define the culture, as vision is long term.

The Internal Culture is competitive yet not singular in focus as Consultant Groups form into teams with Mutual Gains the focus. Subscribers to the River Habitat system believe information flow and teamwork result in greater financial remuneration.

Nurturing Process

Self Employed Individuals come to us to use our system with the undeniable belief that education, training and knowledge are the most important building blocks of their businesses.

A well conceived, subsidised entry level training programme comprising a boot camp providing theoretical knowledge, a rotational programme to familiarise new property consultants with our operating platform and three months in the office is part and parcel of the deep commitment that River Habitat has to its consultants.

Advanced elective Training and Education are offered thereafter on a time-to-time basis depending on the direction of growth of the Property Consultant’s Business.

Systems and Support

The Operating Platform comprises the operations of any serious Real Estate Business.

Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Property Management, Buildings Maintenance, Administration and Compliance are constantly changing to cater to the changing needs of the business and the marketplace in which it operates.

Business Advisors provide individual as well as group support to grow the Property Consultant businesses.

Clear Paths

River Habitat is not for everyone. River Habitat has an inexorable desire to build the goodwill of its brand and polices this goodwill within the constraints of its contract with the Property Consultant.

River Habitat believes in clear paths. Property Consultants can elect to remain single operators with the organisational chart of one of its operations, lead a team within one of its operations or elect to take a franchise.

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